Aydin Azimov



Aydin Azimov son of  Karim (Aydin Azim Kerimoglu / Aydin Azimzade) was born in the village of Amirjan, Baku. He studied at the “theory” department of the secondary music school named after Asaf Zeynalli (1960-1964), at the “Composition” faculty of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory named after Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1964-1972, Gara Garayev’s class). He is the author of a number of symphonic works and chamber music, theater and film music, songs and romances. He restored  the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan which composed by Uzeyir Hajibeyov. He worked at the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Committee, held the positions of junior editor, senior editor, head of department in the main editorial office of the Radio’s Music Broadcasts, sound director at the Radio’s recording house, chief director, director of the artistic collectives of the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Committee and the recording house, chief consultant of the “Azerbaijantelefilm” creative association ( 1968-1996). In 1996-2005, he worked at the State Conservatory of the University of  Mersin, Republic of  Turkey, and organized the “Composition” faculty of the Conservatory). Since 2005, he continues to work as a professor at the composition department of the Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibeyov. He is an active employee of the scientific laboratory of the Academy of  Music, conducts scientific research on religious music, love music and mugham, and is the author of many books and articles related these themes. Among his works there are the restoration of  Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s “Hymn of Azerbaijan” – piano and score (1991), symphonic plates “At the bottom of life” (1991), suite for symphony orchestra “Romul the Great” (1992), 2 pieces for oboe and vibraphone (1992), The musical comedy “Amanat” (1993), the symphonic compositions “Laments” (1994), the symphonic dreams “The Day of Murder” (1994), the musical “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (1995), the musical “Carmen” (1995), 10 for symphony orchestra military march (1996-1998), vocal series to the words of Nazim Hikmat and Vagif Samadoglu (1997), variations for piano (2001), music for theater performances – “At the bottom of life” (1991), “Big Romulus” (1992), “Lankaran Khan’s minister” (1992), “Summer Snowball Game” (1993), “Day of Murder” (1994)  He wrote “Sonata-poem” for violin and piano, consisting of  violin works by Azerbaijani composers, and it was included in the curriculum of 11-year music and art schools. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Professional Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan. He is an honored artist.

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  1. Stone clock (1975, short documentary film) – composer
  2. When stones speak (1976, short documentary film) – composer
  3. Uzeyir’s life (1981, full length feature film) – actor (employee of the editorial)
  4. Child and wind (1982, animation film) – composer
  5. Topal Teymur (1983, full length feature) – sound director on recording
  6. The day of the murder 1990, full length feature film) – composer
  7. The wall (1991, short feature film) – composer
  8. My mother’s book (1994, full length feature) – composer
  9. Shuala (1994, animation film) – composer
  10. Hope (II) (1995, full length feature film) – composer
  11. Punishment (1996, full length feature) – his music compositions were used
  12. Leyli and Medjnun (III) (1996, full length feature) – screenwriter, music director, actor
  13. Gobustan (III) (1997, short documentary television film) – his music compositions were used
  14. Unknown voice (1997, short documentary television film) – consultant
  15. Enough, don’t cry! (1999, full length feature film) – his music compositions were used
  16. Mir Teymur (2003, short documentary television film) – his music compositions were used
  17. Lie (2006, full length feature film) – composer
  18. Mystery (2012-2013, feature series) – actor
Contact:+994 50 504 95 59
Address:Baku city, Nizami street home 99, flat 11.