Guild of film director

32 film directors joining together established independent organization- Guild of the professional film directors on  1999.
The major task in establishing the Guild was to create mechanism which allows to protect copyright, creative and social rights of the authors of the audiovisual works in the new economic conditions, to raise prestige and social importance of the profession of film director as an author of audiovisual works and a leader of the creative collective and create conditions for the development of the  national cinematography at high artistic level.
During the three year activity of the Guild, the number of its members increased to 200 and the number of works given to the collective administration of the Guild on the contractual basis by authors, assigns and producers is more than 5000 titles (Feature, documentary, animation) The guild acceded to two prestigious international organizations as CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) and FERA (Federation of Film Directors of Europe) and owing to these organizations participates in the processes happening in the audiovisual and copyright sphere.

One of the major tendencies in the activity of the Guild is preventing from illegal usage of audiovisual works and protection of the legal rights of the authors.. On the basis of the appeals of the authors and producers and the decision adopted by the Bureau of the Guild on antipiratic campaign, a number of measures were taken jointly with the Agency of Copyright and the Ministry of Internal affairs of the republic in connection with this.

The Guild of film directors regards necessary to give consideration to the young authors on audiovisual sphere with the purpose of stimulation and involving them in the development of the national cinematography and regularly holds public demonstration and discussion of their work in connection with this, the International Audiovisual Festival- “Young Professional” was established awarding the winners of the competitive program with the prize “Gizil Peri” (“Gold Fairy”). Holding conferences, jubilees, meeting with the public, developing international relations, participating in festivals, seminars, forums are daily activities of the Guild.