Eldar Rustamov


(13.07.1946 – 23.04.2010)

Eldar Rustamov, son of  Said was born in Baku. He is a professor of Baku Music Academy, conductor, violinist and composer. Among his works we can note the sonata for violin and piano (1990), the novel “From where you are leaving” (1991), the chamber ” I admire”, “Homeland’s oda” for soloist, choir and symphony orchestra (1992), the sonata for solo violin (1994), 2 a cappella choirs – ” Song of happiness”, “Spring” (1996), the novel “I remembered” (1998), “Forest fairytale” suite for small symphonic orchestra (1999), a cappella choir “If you look at me again” (2001), Choir and symphonic orchestra works for (1990-2001), his compositions for films.

Composer Eldar Rustamov is the son of composer Said Rustamov.


  1. Underground story (1975, short documentary film) – composer
  2. I see the Caspian (1980, short documentary film) – composer
  3. Put yourself in his place (1983, short documentary film) – composer
  4. The tale of the old oak (1984, full length feature film) – composer
  5. Pursuit (1984, animation film) – composer
  6. Autumn leaves of a summer day (1987, full length feature film) – composer
  7. Ring of fortune (1991, full length feature film) – conductor
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