Faraj Garayev



Faraj Garayev son of Gara was born in Baku. Studied at the composition department of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory (1966, class of Gara Garayev). Since 1966, he started teaching at the Azerbaijan Conservatory (1966-2003). He was the artistic director of the BaKaRa ensemble (1980-1994). Since 1991, he lives intermittently in Baku and Moscow. In 1991, he worked as a composer-in-residence at Volkwang Hochschule Essen. He was the vice-president of the Contemporary Music Association (ACM) in Moscow (1994-1996). Since 1995, he has been the president of the Baku New Music Society. Since 1999, he has been a professor at the Theory Department of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He worked as a professor at the composition department of the Kazan Conservatory (2003-2005).  His main works: monoopera “Journey to love”, “Shadows of Gobustan”, ballets “Kaleidoscope”, “Waiting…” – music for performance on the stage of the theater, Tristessa II for two orchestras, Tritessa I for chamber orchestra (Farewell Symphony), symphony orchestra for str 1791, fp. and concerto for chamber orchestra, concerto for orchestra and solo violin, suite for string quartet “In memoriam…”, for various instrumental ensembles: “…a crumb of music for george crumb”, “Klänge einer traurigen nacht”, “…alla nost” algia “, “Der stand der dinge”, “Ist est gеnug?..”, “Sermon, mugham and sura”, “Jancion de juna”, “Tower of Babel”, Postludio I-Х; “… mесеur bее lіnе – eccentric or are you still alive, mr. minister?” (versions for various solo instruments and instruments); sonata for two players, “Drei bagatelle” (for fp. and 5 (6) instruments), “Terminus” for solo cello.

He is the composer of the foreign films “Goya” (1971, directed by Konrad Wolf / Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia) and “The Interviewer” (1986, directed by Yuri Marukhin / Belarus).   He is an associate professor (1982), a professor (1998), a laureate of the “Humay” award (1999), an honored artist (1982),  People’s Artist (2018).

Composer Faraj Garayev is the son of composer Gara Garayev.

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  1. Chained Man (1964, short feature film) – composer
  2. Kirov in Azerbaijan (1966, short documentary film) – composer
  3. There was one, one was not. (1967, short feature film) – composer
  4. Gobustan (1967, short documentary film) – composer
  5. For the sake of law (1968, full length feature film) – composer
  6. In a southern city (1969, full length feature film) – composer
  7. Waiting (1969, short feature film) – composer
  8. The first hour of life (1973, full length feature film) – composer
  9. The sky is an endless sea (1995, documentary series) – his compositions were used
  10. Motives of Azerbaijan (2008, short documentary film) – his compositions were used
  11. Truth itself  (2008, full length documentary film) – his compositions were used
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Address:Baku city, Moscow prospect 1.