Ogtay Rajabov


(05.04.1941 – 15.12.2022)

Ogtay Rajabov, son of  Mammadaga was born in Baku. He studied at the faculty of physics and fundamentals of production of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute (1958-1963), at the post-graduate course of the Physics Institute of the Azerbaijan EA, at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory (1969). He worked as a junior researcher, senior researcher and head of department at the Azerbaijan ETPEI. He taught physics at evening school No. 116, and music at Music School No. 1. He is a professor of the “Azerbaijani folk music” department of Uzeyir Hajibeyli Academy of Music. He is the author of 10 monographs, 70 textbooks, teaching aids and programs, more than 100 articles on pedagogy and music. During his tenure at the Art Gymnasium (1992-2001), an opera studio and a cinema studio for children were created for the first time in our country. More than 400 songs are performed by singers and children’s choirs. He wrote five symphonies, three operas, two operettas, cantatas, instrumental concerts, and works in other genres. Among his works are the children’s opera “Good and Evil” (1994), Symphony No. 4 (1997), Symphony No. 5 for string orchestra (1998), the musical comedy “Keep hand in your pocket” (2001). He composed music for the TV series “Vusal Days” (1998), produced in Iran. He is Azerbaijan Lenin Komsomol Prize laureate (1982), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (1985), Honored Teacher (1987), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (1992), Professor (1995), People’s Artist. Awarded the “Progress” medal (2006). Ogtay Rajabov died on December 15 2022.

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  1. Hero of our village (1971, short documentary film) – composer
  2. Azerbaijan SSR (III) (1973, short documentary film) – composer
  3. The youth of the old land (1974, short documentary film) – music developer
  4. Girl, boy and lion (1974, short documentary film) – composer
  5. Prince – black gold (1974, animation film) – composer
  6. The King and the servant (1976, animation film) – composer
  7. Toplan and its shadow (1977, animation film) – composer
  8. Later regret (1978, animation film) – composer
  9. Enchanted jar (1979, animation film) – composer
  10. Humay’s dream (1985, animation film) – composer
  11. Without news from you (1985, full length film-performance) – his compositons were used
  12. Beautiful Fatma (II) (1988, animation film) – composer
  13. The boy on the white horse (1995, full length feature film) – composer, conductor
  14. Man (1996-2010, short feature film) – his compositons were used
  15. Everything towards good (1997, short feature film) – music editor
  16. Hasan Abludj (1999, short documentary television film) – composer
  17. Cavad Heyet’s being (2002, full length documentary television film) – composer
  18. The upside-down world (2011, full length feature film) – composer
  19. Azerbaijani carpets  (III) (2013, documentary series) – his compositons were used
  20. Three meetings 2013, full length feature film) – composer
  21. “Gizlanpach” (2016, full length feature film) – actor
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