Registration of the organizations managing collectively the property

rights of copyright and related rights holders

Name of organization: public unity “Azerbaijan professional film Director Guild”

  1. Registration date: 06.1999
  2. Registration number: 1156
  3. Decision on organization accreditation (by recording date and number): Order № 164/1 on December 12.2018 upon Agency
  1. Type of activity: Collective management of property rights of audiovisual works authors
  2. Categories of right holders represented in the organization: producers and authors of audiovisual works (director, scriptwriter, artist, cameraman, composer)
  3. Issued territorial rights: Out of borders of Azerbaijan Republic upon rights given on Azerbaijan Republic and agreements
  4. Organization’s scope of activity: broadcasting, cable, retransmission
  5. Term of accreditation: 5 (five) years
  6. Legal address of the organization: AZ1012, Baku city, Moskva avenue 

In accordance with Section 3 of the Article 41 of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic «Оn Copyrights and Associated Rights», paragraphs 2.2.6 and 3.1.28, Charter of the Agency for Intellectual Property approved by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic on July 30, 2018 year and provisions of the paragraphs 2.7 and 3.12 of the «Regulations of registration (accreditation) of organizations with collective property rights of authors and owners of associated rights», approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic №149, dated of September 22, 2011 year, the Agency for Intellectual Property of Azerbaijan Republic has carried out a repeated  registration (accreditation) public unity “Azerbaijan professional film Director Guild”   


Chairman of Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan Republic            K.Imanov      /signed/

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December 12, 2018