Amil Mamibeyli

Filmdirector, screenwriter

Amil Mamibeyli (Amil Amal) was born in the city of Lachin. He studied at the directing faculty of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (2007-2011), at the 2-year higher course of the All-Russian State University of Cinematography at the Faculty of Film Directing and Cinematography (2013, Rodimin Denis Viktorovich, Vladimir Alekseyevich Fenchenko’s workshop).

The film “Oil City Resident” won the “Special Jury Prize” nomination at the “All-Russian Artkino Short Author Films” film festival (2012, Moscow / Russia).

Winner of the 1st place in the screenplay competition held by “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio (2015). In the same year, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, he completed his diploma work as a screenwriter and director of a short feature film called “Black Garden”. That film was awarded a special prize at the “First Asian International Short Film Festival” held in China in 2016. The film “Black Garden” also took part in the main program of the “Kyrgyzstan Short Films Country” film festival held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in 2016. In 2015, he represented Azerbaijan as a guest of honor at the “Rotary Film Festival” in Antalya, and in 2017, he represented Azerbaijan in the field of cinema at the “XIX World Festival of Students and Youth” in Sochi. It won the “best film” nomination at the “Azerbaijan family” film festival held by the State Family, Women and Children Committee. Amil Mamibeyli participated in the Talent Campus program at the 34th International “Fajr Film Festival” held in Iran in 2016.

Worked as a methodist in Lachin District Culture and Tourism Department (2017-2019). At the “Hak-Ish Short Film Festival” held in Ankara in 2017, the film “Black Garden” took first place in the “best film” category. In 2018, he participated in the “Lampa Film Festival” held in Perm with the film “The Last Choice”. In 2019, he was awarded the “diploma of the jury” in the international program at the “Baku Short Film Festival” held in Baku.

He is the author of a book of minimalistic and cinematographic poems called “Eve velende sevgi” (2019). He worked as a videographer and photographer at “United Nations in Azerbaijan” as a “freelancer” (2019-2021).

Amil Mamibeyli won the “Best Film” nomination at the 9th “International Silk Road Film Festival” held in Istanbul in 2021 with his film “Shaking”, and at the 4th “European Film Festival GoDebut-Lttva-2021” film festival in 2021. competed in the main section (2022), won the “special prize of the jury” at the 4th “International Bingöl Short Film Festival” (2022) and the Necati Çelik Special prize at the “11th Hak-Is short Film Festival” (2022) and 10 He participated in the top ten in the Kayseri Altın Çınar Film Festival.

Since 2022, he has been working as a director in the creative team of cultural and scientific mass programs on the “Space” channel.

He is a member of the Professional Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan.



  1. Blindly (2010, short film) – director, screenwriter
  2. Resident of the oil city (2011, short film) – director, screenwriter
  3. Black garden (2015, short feature film) – director, screenwriter
  4. Absheron (2016, series) – director
  5. Lankaran (2016, documentary film) – director, screenwriter
  6. The last choice (2017, short feature film) – director, screenwriter
  7. Armenian “nation” tales (2019-2020, short documentary film) – screenwriter
  8. Trembling (2020, short feature film) – director, screenwriter
  9. In the corridor (2021, short documentary film) – director, screenwriter
  10. Khosrov bey Sultanov (2023, documentary film) – director
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Address:Xirdalan city, Nizami street, house number 2.