Jahangir Mehdiyev



He was born on 13.01.1951 in Baku. In 1968-1973, he studied at the directing faculty of the Mirzaga Aliyev Institute of Culture and Art, and in 1974-1979, at the directing faculty of the Moscow Academy of Arts, in the studio of Georgy Danelia. He took his first steps in art when he was 6 years old in Latif Safarov’s film “Baku and Baku People”. As a diploma work, he staged the theater play “Love, love” at the Azerbaijan National Academic Drama Theater and the television play “Humorous Novels” at the Literary drama and art editorial office of the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (1973). His short feature film “Diplom Ishi” was screened at film festivals held in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, Oberhausen, Mannheim, and Bilbao, Spain, and was awarded prizes and diplomas. “Wow!” at the 11th International Film Festival held at the Mosfilm studio. film comedy “For the best director’s work”, and at the Minsk film festival “For the best comedy work” (1980).

In 1980, he was the stage director of the stage performance dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Azerbaijan SSR held on Lenin Square in Baku.

He worked as a director, production director, screenwriter and actor in “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio (1979-1990). He was the executive director of the Cultural Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1990-1995), the vice-president of the Bowling Federation (1998-2007), the director and artistic director of the “Mozalan” studio (1998-2007). For some time, he worked at Lider TV, was the director, presenter and author of the sports and physical education TV series “Healthy mind in a healthy body” (2001-2005). He worked as a director of the highest category at Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (Azerbaijantelefilm Creative Union) (2007-2016). Since 2011, he has been working as the head of the filming team at the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2022, he was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He appeared in the films “Freedom is a Sweet Word” (1972, directed by Vytautas Jalakyavičius / Russia, Lithuania) and “Afonya” (1975, directed by Georgi Danelia / Russia) of foreign film producers.

Honored artist (2000), Honored coach (1998).

Director Jahangir Mehdiyev is the father of director Elnur Mehdiyev.

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  1. 1957 – “Baku and Baku people” (short documentary film, actor)
  2. 1969 -“Crazy Kura” (feature film, actor)
  3. 1975 – “Afonya” (feature film, actor)
  4. 1976 – “Darvish” (short feature film, director)
  5. 1978 – “Mimino” (feature film, actor-aviator)
  6. 1978 – “Investigate” (short feature film, director)
  7. 1979 – “Thesis” (short feature film, director, screenwriter)
  8. 1980 – “Wow” (short feature film, director)
  9. 1981 – “Pomegranate” (short documentary film, director)
  10. 1982 – “M.F. Akhundov” (II) (short documentary film, director)
  11. 1983 – “I want to get married” (feature film, director)
  12. 1986 – “Kin Dza dza” (feature film, actor-alien)
  13. 1987 – “A man’s word” (full-length feature film, director, actor)
  14. 1988 – “The Man of a Young Woman” (feature film, director)
  15. 1991 – “Introduction kills” (full-length feature film, director)
  16. 1998 – “Family” (full-length feature film, actor – younger brother)
  17. 1998 – “The Rule of Love” (full-length feature film, artistic director, actor)
  18. 2000 – “Rahila Hasanova” (short documentary television film, director)
  19. 2002 – “Haji Kara” (IV) (full-length feature film, director, screenwriter)
  20. 2007 – “Jerusalem” (short documentary television film, director, screenwriter)
  21. 2007 – “Omur urasi” (short documentary television film, director)
  22. 2008 – “CI-MI” (2 series feature film, director)
  23. 2008 – “Elturan Avalov” (short documentary television film, director)
  24. 2008 – “Sakhurlar” (short documentary television film, director)
  25. 2009 – “Rustam Ibrahimbeyov-70” (short documentary film, director)
  26. 2010 –  “Secret plans” (2 series full-length feature television film, director)
  27. 2010 – “Suleyman Rahimov” (short documentary television film, director)
  28. 2012 – “Nargin” (short documentary television film, director)
  29. 2012 – “Dialectic-20 years” (full-length feature-documentary television film, AR National Olympic Committee) – director
  30. 2012 – “Presentation” (NOC) – director
  31. 2015 –  “Our strength is in solidarity” 1st film-making director (NOC)
  32. 2015 –  “Our strength is in solidarity” 2nd film-creator director (NOC)
  33. 2015 – “Our strength is in solidarity” 3rd film-creative director (NOC)
Cahangir Mehdiyev
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