Jeyhun Mirzayev

filmdirector, film actor

(09.04.1946 – 05.03.1994)

Jeyhun Jamil oglu Mirzayev (Jeyhun Jamal) was born in Abdal-Gulabli village of Aghdam. He studied at the directing faculty of the Azerbaijan State Art Institute and in Moscow. Almost 35 years of his 48 years of life were related to cinema. He was only 11 years old when he created the character of Shikhali’s son in the film “Meeting”. When he was 12 years old, he was invited to “Stepmother”. He worked in various professions in the film studio: assistant, director’s assistant, actor, director. He also had a strong ability to parody. He once managed to imitate the voice and form of speech of the person he was talking to. Even the buzzing sound in the title of “Mozalan” belonged to him. His last film was “Faryad”. He could not see this movie himself. Merciless death did not allow him to attend the premiere of the film. Jeyhun, who felt sick during the shooting in the studio, was barely brought home. The role of Miguel in the film Kompanyeros (1962, directed by Yuri Romanovsky, Aleksandr Milyukov, Mikhail Tereshenko / Ukraine), the role of Manolo in the film Black Seagull (1962, directed by Grigory Koltunov / Russia), “Snipers” (1985, directed by foreign producers) Bolotbek Shamshiyev / Kazakhstan) was shot as Salayev in the film. He shot the plots of “Black and White” (1982, N241) and “Reaksiya” (1986, N284) for the Russian “Fitil” film magazine. He drew plots for the “Mozalan” satirical film magazine of the “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio. He was the artistic director of “Mozalan” for some time. Jeyhun Mirzayev died in 1993.



  1. Meeting (1955, feature film) – actor (Shixali’s son)
  2. Two guys from one block of building (1957, feature film) – actor (newspaper seller)
  3. Stepmother (1958, feature film) – actor (Ismail)
  4. True friend (1959, feature film) – actor (Farman’s childhood)
  5. Koroglu (1960, feature film) – actor (Jeyhun)
  6. Matteo Falkone (1961, short feature film) – actor (Fartunato)
  7. Whom we are loving more – Gravity (1964, feature film) – actor (Samandar)
  8. Indestructible battalion (1965, feature film) – actor (Teymur)
  9. Investigation lasts (1966, feature film) – actor
  10. In the name of the law (1968, feature film) – actor (Absalam)
  11. Indomitable Kur (1969, feature film) – actor (Osman)
  12. The last pass (1971, feature film) – assistant director
  13. Important interview (1971, feature film) – assistant director
  14. Winds blow in Baku (1974, feature film) – actor (soldier)
  15. Road’s accident (1980, feature film) – actor (Ibadulla)
  16. The fiance is kiddnapped (1985, feature film) – director
  17. When the horses are saddled (1985, feature film) – actor (merchant)
  18. Wait a signal from the sea (1986, feature film) – director
  19. Illain (1988, feature film) – actor
  20. An anecdote (1989, feature film) – actor (Mammadov)
  21. Those who look forward to tomorrow (1991, short documentary film) – director
  22. Hello, Salyan (1991, short documentary film) – director
  23. I am a winemaker (1991, short documentary film) – director
  24. Case № 777 (1992, feature film) – director
  25. Scream (1993, feature film) – director, actor (Ismail)
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