Huseyn Seyidzade

director, screenwriter

(10.10.1910 – 02.06.1979)

Huseyn Ali oglu Seyidzade was born in Yerevan. Due to the Armenian massacre in 1918, his family first moved to Tbilisi and then to Baku. Since 1925, he worked at the Baku knitting factory. In 1928, he started playing on public stages in the Baku Workers’ Theater. A year later, he became an actor of that theater. In 1929, he was sent to take a course at the Leningrad State Workers’ Youth Theater. He came to the film studio in 1930 and worked there until the end of his life. In 1931, he entered the film directing faculty of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (Lev Kuleshov, Sergei Eisenstein’s class). After the second year, they transfer him to the faculty of documentary film directing. Seyidzade, who wants to continue working in feature cinema, does not defend a diploma, but receives a certificate of completion of the theoretical course. For some time he worked at “Lenfilm”, M. Gorky film studio and “Mosfilm”. He was the second director of the Russian films “The Russian Question” (1947, directed by Mikhail Romm) and “Zhukovsky” (1950, directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin, Dmitry Vasiliev). After the war, he returned to Moscow and taught at the Badaye Theater for a while. Honored artist (1970) Huseyn Seyidzadeh died in 1979.

Director Huseyn Seyidzadeh is the son of actress Ruqiyya Seyidzadeh.

Director Huseyin Seyidzadeh is the brother of actress Zahra Seyidzadeh



  1. The first komsomol drill (1930, feature film) – actor (oilman)
  2. Handicapped men (1932, feature film) – actor (worker)
  3. People from Baku (1938, feature film) – dubbing director
  4. Gift (1942, feature film) – director
  5. Land of eternal fire (1945, documentary) – director
  6. To my native people (1954, documentary film) – director
  7. If it’s not this, it will be the other one (1956, feature film) – director
  8. Koroglu (1960, feature film) – director
  9. Indestructible battalion (1965, feature film) – director
  10. Indomitable Kur (1969, feature film) – director
  11. Long live, girls! (1972, feature film) – screenwriter
  12. Mother in law (1978, feature film) – director
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