Rovshan Isakh



Rovshan Isakh (Rovshan Mammadov son of  Isakh) was born in Ganja. He studied at the “drama theater and film actor” faculty of the Azerbaijan State Art Institute named after M. Aliyev (1988-1992). He worked as an actor in the State Youth Theater (1993-1994), State Pantomime Theater (1994-1995). He worked as a director on ANS TV, “Virtuous” program on Azerbaijan TV, and Space TV. He was the executive director of the Azerbaijan branch of Milky Way TV (1998-2001). He was engaged in teaching activities at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (1993-1998). He worked as the director of “Positive Media” (2003-2012). He is the laureate of the “GOLD FAIRY” Professional Award of the Azerbaijan Cinema Academy. He is a member of the Board of the Azerbaijan Professional Film Directors Guild and the Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union.



  1. Bat (1995, full length feature film) – actor (artist)
  2. Junior lieutenant (1996, full length feature film) – director, actor (passenger)
  3. Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (2001, short documentary television film) – director
  4. The telephone of confidence (2001, full length feature film) – actor (scholar)
  5. House of hope (2001, documentary film) – director
  6. Actress (2011, full length feature film) – director, screenwriter, actor (inspector Eldar Efendiyev)
  7. Dance of propellers (2012-2013, feature series) – director, screenwriter
  8. Last season (2013-2014, feature series) – director, screenwriter
  9. Right of conscience (2016-2018, feature series) – director, screenwriter
  10. Like a dream (2019-2020, feature series) – director, screenwriter
Contact:055 337 67 57
Address:Baku city, Binagadi, J.Khandan street 54 (200), flat 34