Ziyafat Abbasov

film director


Ziyafat Abbasov son of Amir was born in Baku. He studied at the directing faculty of the Azerbaijan State Art Institute named after M.A. Aliyev (1963-1968). In the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Company (1968-1974), from 1974, he worked as an art director in the cinema-actor department at the “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio, as a director of feature films, as an art director and editor-in-chief of the “Mozalan” film magazine. He made about 40 feature  and documentary plots  for the “Mozalan” film magazine. In 1994, he was appointed deputy director of the film studio. He was the director of the film studio in 1995-2001 (1995-2001). He is an honored artist.

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  1. Dervish blows up Paris (1976, full length feature film) –intern, director
  2. My wife, my children – cozy place in the garden (1978, full length feature film, kino-almanac) – director
  3. His unlucky love (1980, full length feature film) – director
  4. Subtropical plants in Absheron (1991, short documentary film) – screenwriter
  5. “Lala” girls ensemble (1991, short documentary film) – screenwriter
  6. Case No.777 (1992, full length feature film) – director (manager)
  7. Cry (II) (1993, full length feature film) – editor
  8. Holy land (II) (1993, short documentary film) – director
  9. Gate of hope (1993, short documentary film) – director
  10. The land of beauties (1995, short documentary film) – director
  11. Family (1998, full length feature film) – producer
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