Javid Ahadov

art director, animator

Javid Ahadov son of  Fikret  was born in Baku. He studied at the Art School named after Azim Azimzade  (1984-1988), at the animation course of  F. Khitruk at the USSR State Television and Radio in Moscow (1991-1993). He participated in local and international art exhibitions and film festivals. Since 1992, he has been working as an artist-animator in Birlik studio. He was awarded the “Golden Fairy” award in the nomination “Best animated film” for the animated film “Old Clock” (2015).

Art director, director Javid Ahadov is the son of artist Fikret Ahadov.

Art director and director Javid Ahadov is the son of artist and director Firangiz Gurbanova.

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  1. Birthday (II) (1992, animation film) – art director of animation
  2. If the intelligence sleeps… (1996, animation film) – art director of animation
  3. The taste of mercy (2007, animation film) – director, screenwriter, another member of the creative team
  4. Enjoy your meal (2008, animation film) – art director, art director of animation
  5. Benevolent hedgehog (2009, animation film) – art director
  6. Pure, impure and us (2011, animation film) – art director
  7. Picture in the sky (2012, animation film) – director, screenwriter
  8. Old clock (2014, animation film) – director, screenwriter, art director of animation (2015-“Golden Fairy” award, “The best animation film”)
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