Hafiz Ahadov

director of photography, director

Hafiz Ahadov son of Yunus was born on July 6, 1972 in Sheki. He graduated from high school No. 8 (1979-1989). İn The Sheki State Drama Theater he  has worked as a voice operator (1992-1993). In 1996-2009, he worked in various sectors of cinematography. In 2009-2012, he worked as a director on regional television in Azerbaijan. In engaging with 4D animation he started promoting this area in Sheki since 2011. He is the author of the work plan for the name of R. Ojagov.

In Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts he  studied in Art worker, professor AMIN Novruzov, I.Agazade, Yalcin Efendiyev’s film director workshop. He is the head of the First Creation Association and Sedona Film Studio. Hafiz Ahadov is a member of the the Azerbaijan Professional Film Directors Guild and the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan.

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  1. «Useful day» (2011, documentary film) – director, director of photography
  2. «Bored day» (2011) – screenwriter
  3. «Contrary to sleeping laws” » (2016) – screenwriter
  4. «Compulsory stop» (2018, dram) – director, screenwriter, director of photography.
  5. «Operator’s fabula» (2018, documentary film) – director, director of photography.
  6. «Operator’s fabula 2» (2019, documentary film) – director, director of photography.
  7. «Results of free labor» (2020, bədii film) – director, screenwriter, director of photography
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