A formal letter from the participants of Azerbaijan Professional Film Directors Guild’s review-election meeting dated 28.12.2019 and the 20th anniversary conference attendees to the Azerbaijan Republics President mister Ilham Aliyev

The Letter

Dear Honorable President!

Your decree named “about improvement of Azerbaijan cinematography “ dated 01.03.2019 was met with favor from the movie society and works to be done in accordance with the order are viewed as right step towards growth of national cinematography.

The fact that “ Azerbaijan cinematography growth concept “ was rejected, the adjacent projects weren’t realized, the absence of governing organization that is in line with cinematographers vision, as well as absence of infrastructure, alternative and stable funding, modern policies and the truth that problems are only ever solved partially, further sets back already struggling national films. These problems are major obstacle for film society and “ Animation films “ as well as “ Obstacles during filming of documentaries “ letters sent to you by industry workers are direct consequence of that.

We, Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan conference atendees, join this appeal and by supporting the “ Azerbaijan cinematography growth concept “ created by Guild’s “working group” on 29.05.2019, ask you to perform immedeate reforms in cinematograpy field, approval of concept and related works in fullfiling the project.

Most respectifully,

Conference atendees

The letter came to fruition on Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan’s 28.12.2019 election/report and 20th anniversary conference. Conference atendees were: Film directors, script writers, directors of photography, art directors, composers, producers, actors and legal succesors. In total 73 atendees and 21 guests were present.

Baku city, 28th December 2019

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