Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan Report-election and 20th anniversary conference

On 28.12.2019 Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan had a report-election conference. During the conference creative field workers ( in total 73 ) such as film directors, scriptwriters, directors of photography, art directors, composers, producers, actors, legal successors and representatives ( in total 21 ) from Intellectual Property Agency, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Professional Actors Guild, Azerbaijan Republic’s Cinematographers Union, AzerbaijanFilm studio, Film Producers Guild, State Movie Fund, Baku Movie Institute were present.

Following matters were discussed and certain decision were made

  • For the report period of 2014-2019 the Chairman Huseyn Mehdiyev report and inspection committee Chairman’s report were heard and the work done by Guild’s Executive Board was found to be satisfactory and inspection committees report was accepted.
  • The working group created on 14.03.2019 by the Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan to prepare “Azerbaijan Movie Growth Concept” project led by Rafiq Quliyev made report and the conference attendees voiced their concern about lack of works done towards fulfillment of “Works to be done for the growth of Azerbaijan cinematography” decree made by Azerbiajan Republic’s president on 1st of March in 2019. As an alternative the “Azerbaijan Movie Growth Concept” project was picked and the need for formal letter to the President was agreed upon.
  • Chairman of the Guild Huseyn Mehdiyev’s proposals on the 4th article, section 4.7, relating to deputies of the Guild was accepted.
  • Executive board consisting of 16 people and inspection commission consisting of 3 people were selected:

                                                 Executive Board

  1. Huseyn Mehdiyev – Chairman
  2. Rafiq Quliyev – First deputy
  3. Elchin Quliyev – Deputy
  4. Mirsadeq Aghazade – Deputy/secretary
  5. Shahira Tajaddin – Director
  6. Azer Dadashov – Member
  7. Ramiz Mirzayev – Member
  8. Ramiz Rovshen – Member
  9. Elchin Axundov – Member
  10. Elxan Jafarov – Member
  11. Fariz Ehmedov – Member
  12. Mariam Seidbeyli – Member
  13. Nader Mehdiyev – Member
  14. Nizami Abbas – Member
  15. Siyavush Kerimi – Member
  16. Vasif Babaev – Member

Inspection Committee

  1. Abdul Mahmudov
  2. Vaqif Baghirov
  3. Vusale Mirzayeva
  • Some changes were made to internal documents of Guild.

Thus concluded the official part of the conference and attendees were invited to Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan’s 20th anniversary celebration dinner organized by Guild’s friends.

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