Ajdar Ibrahimov

film director, screenwriter


Ajdar Ibrahimov son of Mutallim was born in Ashgabat. He studied at the Ashgabat Theater School (1940), the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, film directing faculty (class of Sergey Yuktevich and Mikhail Rommun, 1946-1952). He played children’s roles in the folk theater operating in Ashgabat (1923-1927). He worked in Ashgabat Azerbaijan Musical Drama Theater (1937-1942), Ashgabat film studio (1952-1954), Baku film studio (1954-1959), Vietnam (1959-1962), “Mosfilm” film studio (1962-1993). He actively participated in the establishment of the first national film school in Vietnam and the training of national actors and directors. He opened a film school in Hanoi. The first feature films of Vietnam were shot under his direction: “On an Autumn Day” (1962), “Greedy Bird” (1962), “Two Soldiers” (1962). The last two films received awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He filmed many episodes of the documentary film “Soviet Turkmenistan”. Director of the diploma film “Fighter for Peace” (1952 / Russia) of foreign film producers, director of the documentary film “Turquoise” (1953 / Turkmenistan), director of the documentary film “East of the Caspian” (1953 / Turkmenistan), “The Tulips of Issyk-Kul” ( 1971, director Bolotbek Shamshiyev/Kyrgyzstan) actor, screenwriter of the film “You Must Love” (1973, director Muhamed Soyunkhanov/Turkmenistan), director of the film “Matters of the Heart” (1973/Russia), “My love is mine, my sorrow is mine” (1978/ Turkey, Russia) was the director and screenwriter of the film, “Anxious Man” (1985 / Russia), the director, screenwriter and performer of the role of Dragon. Ajdar Ibrahimov is the author of the books “What I saw in Vietnam” (1964), “Cinematic Art of Warring Vietnam” (1968), “The Girl from the Tai Tribe” (1970), “The Sun is Crying” (1971). For more than 20 years, he taught film directing and acting at the Moscow State Institute of Culture. Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan (1959), Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan (1959), People’s Artist (1971), Laureate of the State Prize, Hero of Labor of Vietnam, Laureate of the Red Labor Flag, Friendship of Peoples and Badge of Honor, People’s Artist of the USSR (1991) Ajdar Ibrahimov died in Moscow in 1993 and was buried in the Alley of Honor in Baku.

Director Ajdar Ibrahimov is the husband of screenwriter Margarita Maleyeva.

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  1. Bakhtiyar (II) (1955, feature film) – the second director
  2. Meeting (1955, feature film) – second director
  3. Two people from one neighborhood (1957, feature film) – director, actor
  4. His big heart (1958, feature film) – director, actor (Rasulov)
  5. Twenties (1966, feature film) – director, screenwriter, actor (Ahmed)
  6. The stars do not fade (1971, feature film) – director, screenwriter, actor (Begulov)
  7. The first hour of life (1973, feature film) – actor
  8. Mother-in-law (II) (1978, full-length feature film) – screenwriter
  9. The Strange Man (1979, feature film) – director, screenwriter, actor (trader Rajab)
Law heir:Margarita Zakharovna Maleyeva (wife)
Address:Baku city, Moscow prospect 1.