Elchin Akhundov

filmdirector, art director, animator


Elchin Hami Abdul oglu Akhundov was born on February 7, 1948 in Baku. In 1968, he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Art School named after Azim Azimzadeh and a two-year “animation artist” course at the “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio. He studied graphics at the Lviv Institute of Printing (1978). From 1966 until now, he has been working as a production designer, animator, production director in the field of cinema. For young children from the series “Your first book” “Learn and work together”, “Ecological alphabet”, “Alphabet 1” and “Alphabet 2”, he even compiled the book dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Uzeyir Hajibeyov. In 1994-2000, he worked as the artistic director of the animation film studio “Azanfilm”, and in 2000-2012, he worked as its director. Honored cultural worker (2000), winner of the “Golden Lamp” and “Unknown Cinema” festivals. In 2002, he worked as a jury member of the Cairo Children’s Festival, in 2010 of the “Altyn Jebe” Festival of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in 2011 and 2012 of the “Animayovka” animation festivals. From 2016 to today, he continues to work as the head of the “Gurama” Children’s Animation Studio. In 2018, he was a member of the organizing committee and chairman of the jury of the 1st Baku International Animation Festival “ANIMAFILM 2018”.

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  1. “Dwarf” (artist and decorator)-1969
  2. “Lion and two oxen” (phase artist)-1970
  3. “Fitna” (animator)-1970
  4. “Bear and Mouse” (artist and decorator)-1970
  5. “Why is the cloud crying?” (painter’s assistant)-1973
  6. “Prince black gold” (artist’s assistant)-1974
  7. “Pyspisa Khanum and Sichan Bey” (artist’s assistant)-1974
  8. “Girl, boy and lion” (film artist)-1974
  9. “Claw, ear, palaz, thorn” (assistant director)-1976
  10. “Dingyl, my saz, dingyl” (structural artist)-1976
  11. “Shah and Servant” (structural artist)-1976
  12. “Dash” (structural artist)-1977
  13. “Hedgehog cub and apple” (structural artist)-1977
  14. “Toral and Zari” (structural artist)-1979
  15. “Man comes to the forest” (Gurushuchu artist)-1980
  16. “Dwarf-wrestler” (structural artist)-1981
  17. “Child and wind” (director)-1982
  18. “Dwarf and Giant” (structural artist)-1983
  19. “Flying Giraffe” (structural artist)-1983
  20. “Steps of five years” (documentary film, director)-1983
  21. “Pursuit” (establishment artist)-1984
  22. “Humai’s dream” (structural artist)-1985
  23. “Adventures of Quiet Yo” (structural artist)-1985
  24. “Test” (structural artist)-1985
  25. “Selfish baby elephant” (structural artist)-1987
  26. “Out of the norm” (“Majlis novella”) (director, set designer)-1988
  27. “Mirror” (director, production designer)-1990
  28. “False Shepherd” (structural artist)-1991
  29. “Hope” (director)-1992
  30. “Sea voyage” (director, set designer)-1992
  31. “Sohbatul Asmar” (director, set designer)-1994
  32. “Javanshir” (director, set designer)-2002
  33. “Mirror” (director, production designer)-2003
  34. “Gold” (director, production designer)-2004
  35. “Cat and mouse” (artistic director)-2007
  36. “Brave plane” (artistic director)-2009
  37. “Caterpillar’s dream” (artistic director)-2009
  38. “Snake’s house” (director, production designer)-2011
  39. “Little House” (artistic director)-2012
  40. “Lala’s dream” (artistic director)-2016
  41. “Arif’s joy” (artistic director)-2016
  42. “Mother and three sons” (artistic director)-2016
  43. “The story of teacher Ali” (artistic director)-2016
  44. “Naughty cat” (artistic director)-2016
  45. “Big brother’s help” (artistic director)-2016
  46. “Ant and Elephant” (artistic director)-2016
  47. “The first snow” (artistic director)-2016
  48. “Happy girls” (artistic director)-2016
  49. “In the Park” (artistic director)-2016
  50. “Road accident” (artistic director)-2017
  51. “Nowruz holiday” (artistic director)-2017
  52. “Nowruz customs” (artistic director)-2017
  53. “Tomi in the spring holiday (artistic director)-2017
  54. “Village trip” (artistic director)-2017
  55. “Dolphin and girls” (artistic director)-2017
  56. “Care for the Motherland” (artistic director)-2017
  57. “Lost baby elephant” (artistic director)-2017
  58. “The most beautiful flag in the world” (artistic director)-2017
  59. “Flight to Uranus” (artistic director)-2018
Contact:012 596 77 94; +994 50 562 77 40
Address:D.Aliyeva 108, flat 14.