Iman Majidov



Iman Amirhuseyn oghlu Majidov was born in Baku. He studied at secondary school number 21 in 1979-1989. He was a student of the University of Culture and Arts in 1989-1994 and graduated with honors. From 1992 to 2006, he worked as a director’s assistant, director, chief director at the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Company (AzTV), from 2006 to 2021, as the head of the Culture Department at SPACE Teleradio LLC, and from 2021 as an artistic director. “Best TV Director of the Year” by the Ministry of Culture in 2005, “Golden Lamp” established by the Union of Cinematographers for the promotion of Azerbaijani cinema in 2006, “Best journalistic work on culture” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2007 won the competition. In director Ramiz Hasanoglu’s 2007 feature film “The Life of Javid”, he portrayed Huseyn Javid’s youth, and in 2022, he created the image of Huseyn Javid in the feature-documentary film “Guide of the Long Road” dedicated to R. Hasanoglu, produced by AzTV.

He was the director and project leader of various artistic television films, documentaries, programs. “A life spent in art” directed by him. The documentary film “Artist Vidadi Narimanbeyov” was awarded the 1st prize of the VII International Television and Radio Festival “Pobedili vmeste” held in Sevastopol in 2011, and the program “Sports for Everyone” directed by him was awarded the prize of the National Television Festival of Sports Films and Programs. He is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Guild of Professional Film Directors of Azerbaijan

Director Iman Majidov is the son of director Amirhuseyn Majidov.



  1. Life dedicated to art (2005, short documentary TV film) – director
  2. She’s always with us (2006, TV documentary short) – director
  3. Read, princess! (2006, short documentary television film) – director
  4. Secret door (2006, short documentary television film) – director
  5. Javid’s life (2007, feature film) – actor (Javid’s youth)
  6. Academician Rahim Rahimov (2008, short documentary television film) – director
  7. Architect Fuad Seyidzade (2008, short documentary television film) – director
  8. Snake (2009, short feature film) – consultant
  9. Confession of love (2010, short documentary television film) – director
  10. Big history of a small planet (2011, full-length documentary TV film) – director
  11. Life spent in art. Art director Vidadi Narimanbeyov (2011, short documentary television film) – director
  12. Dance of Good and Evil (2015, feature film) – PR manager
  13. “The guide of the long road” – (2021, film about director Ramiz Hasanoglu – actor (Huseyn Javid)