Masud Panahi

animation artist and director

Masud Abbas oglu Panahi was born in 1943 in the city of Zanjan in South Azerbaijan. In 1946, he moved to Baku with his family. Masud Panahi graduated from the Azim Azimzade Art School in 1966, and from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography in 1972, and from the animation director’s courses at the State Institute of Cinematography. Masud Panahi studied with Ivan Ivanov, Fyodor Khitruk and Evgeny Shukayov, directors of animation cinema. From 1973 to 1979, he worked as a director and artist of animation films at “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio. During those years, he organized several animation courses and trained dozens of animation specialists. Masud Panahi is the author of the famous animated film “Pyspisa Khanum and Sichan Bey”.

“Why is the cloud crying?” at the VII All-Union festival held in Baku in 1974. was awarded the 1st prize for the animated film. In 1979, he was awarded a diploma of participation at the XII All-Union Film Festival held in Ashgabat for the animated film “The Legend of the Maiden’s Castle”.

He lived in Germany for many years, took part in the shooting of 63 animated films at Berlin Central Television Studio and various animation studios. One of M. Panahi’s latest works is the animated film “Breaking the Silence” (“Zerstörter Friede”, 2012), which was shot in 2012 with the support of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Berlin and tells the story of the Khojaly tragedy.

In 2018, Masud Panahi was awarded the “Golden Boat” award of the 1st ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival for his contribution to Azerbaijani animation. In 2019, he was the chairman of the international jury of that festival.

In 2020, Masud Panahi’s autobiographical book “Rubber Cock” was published in Berlin, Germany. He is a member of the Professional Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan, the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan Animation Association since 2022.



  1. Why is the cloud crying? (film, 1973)
  2. Sing, my saz, sing (film, 1976)
  3. Once upon a time… (film, 1975)
  4. Cock (film, 1977)
  5. Businessmen (film, 1977)
  6. Legend of Maiden Tower (film, 1978)
  7. Claw… Ear… Palaz… Thorn… (film, 1976)
  8. Mrs. Pispisa and Mr. Mouse (film, 1974)
  9. The King and the servant (film, 1976)
  10. Breaking the silence (film, 2012)
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Address:Baku city. Moscow prospect 1.