Mirbala Salimli


Mirbala Seyidasgar oglu Salimli was born in Hajigabul. at the cinema and drama acting faculty of the M.A. Aliyev Azerbaijan State Art Institute (1985), at the theater directing faculty of the Moscow Higher Theater School named after B. Shukin (1995), at the cinema directing faculty of the Moscow Higher Screenwriters and Directors course (2001, Alexey German, S. Karmalita’s workshop ) studied. Within the framework of the Avanti program (2003-2004, Switzerland), he received master classes from director Krzysztof Zanussi (Poland) and dramatist D. Behnke (Germany), and within the framework of the IFA-SC program (2006-2007, Switzerland) from dramatist Claire Downs (Great Britain). He worked as an actor, director and chief director at the Shaki State Drama Theater named after S. Rahman, and directed more than 20 plays (1985-2007).

At the Creative Union “Mir iskusstva” (Moscow) he shot up to 15 documentaries as a visual director (“Testament” (2000), “Mayakovsky’s Happy Year” (2003), “Petrov-Vodkin’s Sons” (2003), “The Last of Anastasia Svetayeva” day” (2004), “Marshal of 3 coronations” (2005), “Arkhangelsk” (2005), “The theft of Europe” (2005), “The Sorcerer Daniil Kharms” (2005), “The Right Mayakovsky” (2005), ” Sergey Yesenin” (2005), “Boris Zaisevin River of Time” (2006), “Double Star” (2006), “The King of Still Life Ilya Mashkov” (2006), “Kulbin – Grandfather of Russian Futurism” (2008)).

He made the film “The Man and the Fly” (1999) as a teaching project. Cinematographer for the Russian documentary Experience of Special Resistance (2006), Director and Cinematographer for the documentaries The Sculptural Chronicle of Moscow (2006), Olvia – The Mystery of Happiness (2010), It’s Hard to Be God (2013, Director Aleksey German) worked as a trainee director in the film. He was awarded the “Golden Dervish” award established by the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan for the staging of Jean Baptiste Moliere’s comedy “The Miser” (2009). In 2018, with the film “Red Garden”, he was awarded the “Golden Fairy” Professional Award of the Azerbaijan Film Academy in the nomination “Best full-length debut film”. He is a member of the Professional Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan. Honored artist (2012).

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  1. Hotline (2001, feature film) – second director, editing director, actor (Nadir)
  2. Arm and neck with fire (2002, short feature film) – director, screenwriter
  3. On the roads of independence (2004-2005, documentary series) – member of the creative team
  4. Historical monument of Sheki (2007, short documentary film) – director, screenwriter
  5. My school (2008, short documentary film) – director, screenwriter
  6. Shaki – patterns of history (2008, short documentary film) – director
  7. Red garden (2016, feature film) – director, screenwriter (2018, “Best debut feature film” – “Golden Fairy” award)
Contact:+994 55 553-72-53
Address:Sheki city, M.A.Rasulzade street house 149A, flat 26.