Nadir Mugbilov

(17.11.1963 – 05.12.2017)

Nadir Mugbilov was born in Baku. He entered the law faculty of Moscow State University, but did not continue. He participated in classes at the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography as a listener (1987-1989). He lived in Perm for some time. He started as a worker in “Azerbaijanfilm” and worked as a cinematographer’s assistant, stuntman, trick producer, production director. He was engaged in the sport of karate. Nadir Mugbilov died in 2017.



  1. Urban reapers (1986, feature film) – assistant cinematographer
  2. The last flight (1989, short feature film) – stunt designer, stuntman
  3. Murder on a night train (1990, feature film) – stunt designer, stuntman
  4. The Trap (1991, full-length feature film) – stunt maker
  5. Judgment (1994, full-length feature film) – director, screenwriter, actor (oilman Babek), tyruk producer, stuntman
  6. The last battle (1996, full-length feature film) – actor (Nadir), the structure of the battle scenes
  7. Good morning, my angel (2008, full-length feature film) – administrator
  8. Prosecutor (2008, full-length feature film) – director, screenwriter
  9. Javad Khan (2008, feature film) – stunt designer, stuntman
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