Imir Mammadli

screenwriter, writer

Imir Mammadli son of Mammad was born in Kaspi region of Georgia. He moved to Tbilisi in the 1980s. He studied at the Faculty of Philology of Tbilisi State University (1975-1980). In 1985, he started working as a journalist at the Georgian State Broadcasting Committee. He worked in the Writers’ Union of Georgia, in the editorial office of “Soviet Georgia” newspaper. In the late 1990s, he was a consultant and adviser in the office of the head of state of Georgia (1992-1996), a referent on inter-ethnic relations in the State Office of Georgia (1996-2000), and rose to the position of deputy head of the Regional Policy and Management Service of the President of Georgia. For a long time, he worked as the director of the “Literature and Art” department of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (2005-2018). He started writing poetry from his school years. Two plays were staged: “Key” (Youth Theater, 1997, director: Huseynaga Atakishiyev), “Light Dust” (Iravan Drama Theater, 2000, director: Bahram Osmanov). He was also engaged in scientific creation and translation works. He was awarded the State Prize of Georgia for the successful translation of Shota Rustaveli’s “The Wrestler in Tiger Skin” from Georgian into Azerbaijani. He also translated the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, the works of Yunus Imra, Ashiq Alasgar and other writers into Georgian. He was awarded the “Honor” Order of Georgia (1998), the “Machabeli” State Prize of the Writers’ Union of Georgia (1997), and the “Ugart” literary prize.



  1. The key (2006, short feature film) – screenwriter
  2. Pumpkin (2007, short feature film) – screenwriter
  3. Nights of Govgali village (2007, full length feature film) – screenwriter
  4. Fan (2008, full length feature film) – screenwriter
  5. Gift (II) (2008, short feature film) – screenwriter
  6. Phosphorus man (2009, full length feature film) – screenwriter
  7. Secret plans (2010, full length feature film) – screenwriter
  8. Let’s marry again (2011, full length feature film) – screenwriter, the author of song’s text
  9. May your home be blessed (2017, full length feature film) – screenwriter
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