Tahira Huseynova



Tahira Huseynova girl of Bulud was born on April 24, 1953 in Baku. In 1971, she was admitted to the “Drama and Cinema” faculty of the Azerbaijan State Institute of Culture and Arts. In the same year, she was accepted to the editorial office of “Kinoprogram” at the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee. She is a top-class director. During the years of her work on television, she was the author of many TV series and films. She is director of films such as the leading programs of Azerbaijan Television such as “Retro” cinema hall, “Jirtdan” cinema hall, “Kinoalmanac”, etc., as well as prominent musical figures about Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Vagif Mustafazade, Khayyam Mirzazade, Rauf Hajiyev, etc. In 2018, Tahira Huseynova, a member of the Azerbaijan Professional Film Directors Guild, was awarded the “Golden Fairy” Professional Award of the Azerbaijan Film Academy in the nomination “Best audiovisual work dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Azerbaijani cinema” with the film “History written on the big screen”.

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  1. “Our eternal pride” (U. Hajibeyov) – 2010
  2. “Seasons of life” (Kh. Mirzazade) – 2010
  3. “Legend of Jazz” (2012, V. Mustafazade, “Teffi” award in 2015)
  4. “Sadness is shrouded in a veil”” (Q.Qarayev) – 2012
  5. “Love Composer” (R. Hajiyev) – 2013
  6. “With the sounds of music” (Tofig Ahmadov) – 2013
  7. “Everyone loved him” (Mirza Babayev) – 2014
  8. “Union of Composers-80” – 2014
  9. “Composer Vasif Adigozalov” – 2014
  10. “Composer Zakir Bagirov” – 2015
  11. “While dreaming” (S. Alasgarov) – 2015
  12. “Songs of the heart” (T. Guliyev)
  13. “One is you, one is me” (Islam Rzayev) – 2016
  14. “Colorful notes of life” (Composer Rashid Shafaq) – 2017
  15. “While the strings of memory vibrating” (Ramiz Mustafayev) – 2017
  16. “The sound of the years” (Composer Ashraf Abbasov) – 2017
  17. “History written on the big screen – Azerbaijani cinema-120” (2018, “Golden Fairy” – “The best audiovisual work dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Azerbaijani cinema”)
  18. “My life story” (Zaur Rzayev) – 2019
  19. “Like a dream” (H. Abluj) – 2019
  20. “Return Light”
  21. “Shusha, I love you!”
  22. “My dream homeland”
  23. “I’m a mother!”
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