Vusala Mirzayeva

film director


Vusala Mirzayeva daughter  of Vagif was born in Baku. She studied at the Faculty of  Television Directing of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (1994-1998). Defending the scientific work “Television and music” he received a master’s degree (2002). She appeared in the press with a number of articles. During her tenure at Azerbaijan State Television (1998-2006), she was the author and director of programs such as “White Dance”, “Sunday”, “Meloman”, “The Storyteller’s Tale”, “Harmony”. He was the second director of Ramiz Hasanoglu’s film-performances at Sabah Creative Union (2000-2006). Since 2006, she has worked as the chief director of the “news” department, and then as the director of the “musical projects group” at Space TV. gave structure. She was the project manager and director of the program “Third Eye” broadcast on ATV (2016-2017). At the same time, working independently, she cooperated with several companies and productions and participated in music videos (Elshan Dadashov “How did I forget you”; Nazpari Dostaliyeva “Love’s curse”; Aybeniz Hashimova and Bulbuller “anyone can’t share homeland”, “Gaval dance”), various events and she was the production director of concerts (television version of Green Theater concerts; opening ceremony of the World Wrestling Championship). Currently, she continues to work independently, working on documentaries and various projects. She was awarded the “Best Young Director of the Year” award (2007), and the “Gold  Buta” award (2007)  for promoting national music in television programs. Director Vusala Mirzayeva was elected a member of the Inspection Commission of the Professional Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan.



  1. His art’s Vagif (1996, short documentary television film) – director
  2. “Buğaj son of Dirsa khan” boyu (2000, full length film-performance) – assistant-referent, actress (Oguz girl)
  3. Always at the wedding (2000, short documentary television film) – director, screewriter
  4. Obituary (2001, full length film-performance) – director-intern
  5. “Salur Qazanın evi talandığı boy” (2001, full length film-performance) – assistant director
  6. Invitation (II) (2002, full length film-performance) – television director, actress
  7. An egg (2003, full length film-performance) – assistant director
  8. Award (2004, full length film-performance) – second director
  9. Spring breathing artist (2009, full length documentary film) – director
  10. The artist who grows his art (2009, full length documentary film) – director, screewriter, producer
  11. Shirin Mirzayev (2010, short documentary film) – director
  12. Volcano’ s breath  (2014, short documentary film) – actress
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